Kartano vanhan Kuninkaatien varrella  (3 h)

The surroundings of a medieval mansion offer an exceptional historical setting for a metal-detecting safari.

The history of the village, which later became the mansion itself, can be traced back to the 13th century. A very well-known fortress and a place of commerce stood here in the 14th century. 

In those times, German pirate Klaus Störtebeker terrorised the Baltic sea with his fleet of some hundred ships and a couple of thousand men. It is said that Störtebeker stranded his ship on the mansion’s shore and kept hiding there while planning his attacks against commercial fleets.

Did he hide his treasures in the area? It is known that the pirates hid their valuables while looting the area.

Very seldom, if ever, does one get a chance to search relics from such a historical place. 

In order to respect the privacy of the owner, we disclose the name of the mansion only to those who will be participating in the safari.